Our bundle of joy is gone

The last few days have been very taxing for my family. The one thing which held us all - Tuffy is no more. She passed away on 10th July, 21:15 after tireless efforts from her vet - Dr. C.B. Singh to save her.

She was just three and a half years old and this was very sudden for all of us.

Tuffy had been diagnosed with diabetes about 20 days ago and for the last 10 days started going downhill. She had internal bleeding in her gut and her ulcers just didn't get enough time to heal. Over the last four days, she received multiple injections and ivy drips, but her body started giving up the fight on Saturday. To hear her whimper and cry was heart-breaking, and all our efforts somehow were just not enough...

Late in the evening on Saturday when she started getting pale, it was evident that Tuffy needed blood. Dr. C.B didn't think twice before suggesting using his own dog - Junior as the donor.

Tuffy was given the blood, but after about 10 minutes of it having gone in she took her last breath...

I can't thank Dr. C.B. Singh enough for what he has done for our entire family over the years. Looking after each of our dogs, more than just another patient or a case.

Not like anybody who reads this blog would care much, and least of all people who have ever kept a pet would understand. But for those few who have ever had a pet, know what it's like to lose a loved companion.

Tuffy was a very beautiful, honey-gold coloured cocker spaniel. She was a princess, and loved to be fussed about and get our attention. We got her when she was a month old, and immediately bonded with Liesl, my German Shepherd. When Liesl passed away, this little one filled the void for us and gave us so much love that we forgot our pain.

Every single day that I got back from work, she would greet me as though she hadn't seen her for years. All she wanted was to be picked up and tickled and would get jealous if I would sit with mom or Ishu.

Whenever Mickey, Ishu's brother would come down from Kangra, she would cry and get stuck to him and in her own way complain why he went away for so long.

She was mom and Ishu's baby and would not leave them for even a minute. She was very different than our previous pets - Liesl, Elsa, Dushka.

She loved the winters with all the static charge in blankets, us, beds, and anything else she could get it from.

With my dad she had a very special bond - didn't bother much about him, but took a fancy for his walker (he has had knee surgeries and needs it in the interim). The walker was an endless source of charging her not so static self.

Every single day she would go sniff the walker, get a shot of the static goodness and then continue with rest of her greeting us rituals.

There is an endless list of her antics, which I have never seen any of my previous pets do. Some day I might write about them.

Right now there is a void, it will take some time to heal. I just pray for her soul, and IF there is someone up above, he will look after our sweet little bundle of joy.

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