Game Programming Patterns what Design Patterns (GOF) should have been!

Doesn't the title say it all?

I am sure their are some Design Pattern Advocates fuming under their patternified (is that even a word?) hats, but seriously - the "Gang of Four" couldn't have made a better sleeping pill than they did in "the" book.

For those of you web bots, who don't know which book I am referring to, go search. Earthlings, know where the pain is coming from. :)

Seriously, the Software Engineering/Tinkering/Craft world is sprinkled with "gems", "fluffy", "over the head" kind of books. Some authors make it a point to make the read so technical, so painful, so (over the top)ful, that I sometimes begin to wonder whether the book was written for a human or was it an experiment on machine learning gone wrong, which mistakenly got sent to a publisher instead of an actual .... well machine.

Or maybe they get some vicarious, sadistic pleasure at torturing the poor souls who dared to pick up their book.

I know I went all over the place with my rant so far, but my head aches and heart burns each time I come across such masterpieces, so much so that I am contemplating an entire post on it.

So over the years, I have HATED any book with the name "pattern" and "design" stuck on it, yes absolutely whole heartedly hated it, that is until a few days back came across this -
"Game Programming Patterns".

No, I am not a games programmer, but this guy really knows how to keep the flow going.

I wish more of them authors would write like him.

I haven't finished reading the book yet, but the fact that I haven't dozed off, took time to write this post in my "oh so busy" schedule means this book is a keeper.

Thank you Games Programming Pattern Guy! You be good to mortals like me. :)

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